All of my cheeses are made with the full flavored beers from the Stone Brewing Co.

Stone Smoked Porter & Garlic

My first recipe! I made it back in 2001 for my cousin Phil’s Super Bowl party. I told him a long story about it being inspired from a pre-Prohibition recipe called Kentucky Beer Cheese, how it was used to prime bar patrons into drinking more beer and how I modified the recipe to be much more bold in flavor. He didn’t care to relate all this to his guests, so he pulled out a post-it and wrote “Mike’s Beer Cheese” on it. Five pounds of cheese was devoured and the name stuck. I am forever remembered by my cousin’s friends as “the guy who makes beer cheese.”

Stone Pale Ale
with Sun-dried Tomatoes & Basil

Stone Pale Ale stands out to me as having a sweet maltiness and a
fresh hoppy floral aroma. It reminds me of the similar marriage of tomatoes
and basil. The fresh basil and hops seem to meld perfectly together,
creating a unique bitter taste, with the sun-dried tomatoes adding sweetness
and acidity to level it off.

Stone Ruination IPA
with Fresh Hops & Mustard

Hops and mustard sitting in a tree… When charged with making a new beer
cheese for the release of Stone Ruination IPA, the first ingredient I
thought of was mustard. It was amazing. Three years ago I decided to take it
a step further by adding fresh hops. I’m a genius. Case closed.

(this one is kinda hot)

Usually descriptions of foods with this level of heat will waste your time with promises of
death and fire; not here. I put the warning in the name, so let’s move on. I
love fresh chile peppers and enjoy eating one each day. This cheese has
jalapeños, Serranos and habañeros. The distinctive flavor in
this is an Indian chile called Reshampatti, a staple in my kitchen. Though
low in scovilles (1500-2500), the flavor is very rich and burns a different
part of your palate.